ulopor expanded slate – the eco-friendly grit In the winter road maintenance, a tunable to the respective technology grain structure allows the optimal blunting of roadways with low consumption. The low weight of expanded slate allowed for the same charge weight of the transport of three times the volume compared to conventional materials such as sand or gravel. This allows larger areas per trip blunted as well as time and fuel savings.
  • instant excellent blunting through rough, porous structure
  • free of lubricating film forming fines
  • salt-free natural product - awarded the Blue Angel
  • environmentally friendly as no chemical additives
  • economical high grip and low weight
  • very light and economical
  • no clumping after long storage or frost
  • good stray capable with gritting vehicle
  • to spread also by hand efficiently
  • sinks not in by sunlight - therefore longer gritting
  • Public roads, open spaces and paths
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Bridges, stairs
  • Premises, train stations, airports, hospitals, cemeteries
  • Supermarkets, petrol stations
  • Roads in drinking water zones
  • Public scattering center boxes
  • Traction for vehicles