ulopor® - expanded slate is a certified according to DIN EN 13055-1 lightweight aggregate. With her no-fines and dense structure and lightweight concretes can be produced. Due to the material properties, it is possible / m³ produce dense microstructure lightweight concrete with a dry density of 1400 kg / m³ to 2000 kg. This property classes can be achieved up to LC 50/55. A special pre-treatment, it is possible to use ulopor ® straightforward and unerringly for pumping lightweight concrete. The porous structure of ulopor ® is an excellent soundproofing material for noise barriers or noise control Wallenstein. In the precast and ready-mix industry, many applications are possible, eg Precast concrete, noise barriers, planting body, chimneys, lightweight masonry mortar, light strokes, etc.
  • light and firm
  • pure mineral
  • heat insulation and storage
  • non-flammable (Building material class A1 nach DIN 4102)
  • chemically and biologically resistant
  • high sound absorption
  • frost-resistant
  • rotting resistant and odorless
  • Constructional lightweight concrete, steel and prestressed lightweight concrete (also as pumped concrete)
  • Concrete structures and components (all kinds of stones, wall and ceiling slabs, finished parts, basement walls, lintels, planters etc.)
  • lightweight mortar or light plaster