ulopor® - expanded slate is very versatile as a building material. Due to its special nature it is suitable for many applications in lightweight concrete, gardening and landscaping, as Bed and as a winter litter. .

manufacture: The required boron slate is obtained by large-bore sputtering in opencast mining. Thereafter, the slab slate is precrawned in a mobile crushing and classifying system and then classified. The raw material is fed to the rotary kiln via a belt conveyor section. The blowing process takes place at 1,200 ° C. After cooling, the expanded shale is fractionated into the desired grain size ranges by breaking and classifying processes. The production without chemical additives leads to a high-quality, environmentally friendly material.
  • water storage
  • resistant to rot
  • structural stability
  • frost resistant
  • air permeable
  • biologically neutral
  • root-friendly