ulopor - history

Since 1750 mining of roof und wall slates is verifable in Unterloquitz.

For the first time in 1938 and proven by the state material testing in Berlin-Dahlem, that upon thermal treatment Thuringian Slate is capable of exfoliation and thereby resulting expanded slate is suitable as an aggregate for lightweight concrete.

Since 1958 is industrially produced ulopor ®-slate in Unterloquitz. At the time the raw material was obtained by dismantling the slate dumps.
Since 1978 to win the starting material for the expanded production in the open pit.

After the reunification in 1990 the former People's own company (VEB) was privatized to United Thuringian slate quarries GmbH.
Since October 2012 the operating part expanded slate is operated as a subsidiary of Link Substrat Produktion und Handel GmbH.
The company has already link to DDR - Times expanded slate from Unterloquitz related.

In 2013 the second operating part in Unterloquitz was taken over. Slate flakes, slate grit and slate powder for roofing industry produced by our own resources on site.

We also process in our grinding mills iron oxide and other products in the toll manufacturing.