We provide on-site Unterloquitz several products on the basis of own raw material Thuringian Slate:

Blähschiefer verschiedene Körnungen

ulopor expanded slate

ulopor® - expanded slate is very versatile as a building material. Due to its special nature it is suitable for many applications in lightweight concrete, gardening and landscaping, as Bed and as a winter litter.

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ulopor slate gravel

Slate gravel for gabions, gardening and landscaping.

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ulopor slate flakes

For roofing and roofing production.

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Ulopor Schiefergriess

ulopor slate grit

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Ulopor Schiefermehl

ulopor slate powder

As a filler in bitumen, in plastics, as a flour grain in the cement concrete.

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ulopor iron oxides

Filler for the automotive supply industry or plastics processing industry to the additive for metallurgical companies (foundries) and catalysts for the chemical industry.

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